Posts by Month: May 2010

The Futureheads

Video: The Futureheads

We were called away from filming at Salford’s ‘Sounds from the Other City’ festival to film this awesome acoustic session with The Futureheads. As long term fans of the band, we were grinning like smack heads all the way through the performance. Quality vocal warm up too!

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Well Wisher

Video: Well Wisher

We had been trying to pin Well Wisher down for a session ever since we saw them support Algernon Cadwallader back in September ’09. We eventually set a time on the May day bank holiday and filmed them in The Rad Pad on Burton Road. They introduced us to the Nissin noodle man and also brought back the terrifying memory of Lizzie from Playdays.

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Video: Tubelord

The Manchester rain once again hindered our original plan to film in Piccadilly Gardens. It was hard to ignore the African music blasting out of Africa Cavern next door to the Roadhouse. Unfortunately, the guitar we provided wasn’t staying in tune, so Tubelord pulled this delicate, beautiful and intimate version of ‘Cows To The East, Cities To The West’ out of the bag.

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Blind Atlas

Video: Blind Atlas

We met Blind Atlas at Chorlton Nature reserve and were led off to their location of choice! After a brisk walk carrying lots of instruments, the band set themselves up around this amazing hidden creek. Fortunately for us, the sun decided to pop out long enough for us to film this beautiful session.

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Sounds From The Other City Festival Special

Video: Sounds From The Other City Festival Special

We had a great day at this year’s SFTOC Festival in Salford. Here is our round up of the days events, featuring sessions from Jesca Hoop, Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam Band and a special late night naughty street gig from Frazer King. Roll on next year! Woop!

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Frazer King

Video: Frazer King

After arranging to film a session with Frazer King during their time at Sounds From The Other City Festival, we headed down to The New Oxford, only to find the band rigging up their generator to an unknown power source and setting up their very own stage on the steps of the Magistrates Court. We whipped out the camera and managed to capture this unique performance that if nothing else, will serve as a pleasant reminder of that nights events to the people who had been having an especially good time at the Festival.

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Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam Band

Video: Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam Band

We took the opportunity to finally film Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam band as they played for the Hey! Manchester stage at this years ‘Sounds From The Other City’ festival. We persuaded Rev Andy Salmon to let us onto the roof of Salford’s St Philip’s Church and after squeezing a glockenspiel through a one meter hatch, we found this amazing space to appropriately film Tim & Sam’s ambient soundscapes.

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Jesca Hoop

Video: Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop had just performed an enchanting set at St Philip’s Church as part of this years Sounds From The Other City Festival. We managed to steal her away afterwards and take her to the beautiful spiral stairwell in the church, which provided us with perfect acoustics for this intimate performance of ‘Murder of Birds’.

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The Crookes

Video: The Crookes

The Crookes’ infectious single ‘Bloodshot Days’ had been buzzing round our heads in the days leading up to this session, so we were pretty revved up for this acoustic version! We watched there sound check at the fantastic Sound Control venue, then filmed them in the dressing room, against the perfect backdrop of the Palace Hotel.

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Sparrow And The Workshop

Video: Sparrow And The Workshop

We filmed this haunting session with Sparrow & The Workshop aboard the mighty tour bus they were sharing with tour headliners Idlewild. Here they perform a stripped back version of ‘Devil Song’. Delightful.

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