One Man & His Beard

We received an email from One Man & His Beard asking if we could film a performance of his song ‘Save 6 Music’, and we were pleased to help. Using a guitar and amp he purchased for £45 from Netto, he let rip on Oxford road and delivered this rousing protest anthem. We have literally ‘gotta save it’.

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One Man & His Beard

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010, 11:05 am

One Man & His Beard is one man on a mission to hit the music industry with a force capable of changing John Otway’s spine. Probably the most prolific songwriter in Manchester, One Man has written songs about pretty much everything: from football anthems to game shows, protest songs to love ballads, One Man & His Beard is a much loved face around the Manchester gig circuit and long may he continue to churn out the hits!


  1. Biff Roxby says:

    this is literally the best thing ever.

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