The Swellers

The Swellers were nice enough to give us some time before there headlining slot on this years Give It A Name Tour. We used the reverb-tastic stairwell in the Academy where they performed ‘Welcome Back Riders’, but not before they flexed there strumming skills with some Mariachi guitar…. maybe stick to the killer catchy pop-punk!

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The Swellers

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010, 10:58 am

From the perpetually down-on-its-luck, blue collar, rustbelt factory town of Flint, Michigan, comes new Fueled By Ramen signees The Swellers, a punk band that knows a thing or two about making hard, no-nonsense, but infinitely catchy music.

Following in the footsteps of other hard- Flintites who’ve made their name on the world stage—film provocateur Michael Moore, ’70s hard rock pioneers Grand Funk Railroad, ’80s grindcore/death-metal pioneers Repulsion, and the late rapper M.C. Breed—The Swellers have forged a hard-edged, yet accessible style of punk over the better part of a decade, the last three of which have been spent touring non-stop with the likes of Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto, among numerous others.

Now, with their Fueled By Ramen debut Ups and Downsizing the Flint-area four-piece manages to expound on the rollercoaster of life they’ve experienced on the road and in that perpetual hard-luck area just north of Detroit while expanding the poppy punk sound they’ve been honing since their mid-teens.


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