Wax Fang

We met up with Wax Fang ahead of their spot at this year’s incredible Dot To Dot Festival. The band had to play a late show, get the hire van cleaned and make it to Heathrow Airport for an early morning flight but thankfully had time to give us this lovely solo session from Scott Carney.

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Wax Fang

Monday, June 21st, 2010, 10:52 am

Wax Fang began as one man’s basement vision of how rock ‘n’ roll might sound if it simultaneously existed in the past and future, stopping in the present just long enough to stupefy listeners.

In creating the core of Wax Fang’s catalog, Scott Carney dedicated months to overdubbing intricate layers of music for what initially was a solo project in every sense. The resulting album, BLACK & ENDLESS NIGHT, is the sound of a record collection imploding, combining glam-rock, pop, and surf riffs with the dreamy ambience of vintage Brian Eno and David Bowie.

Carney then decided to do a little exploding. He found a fierce band in drummer Kevin Ratterman and bassist Jacob Heustis, who took the album’s warm precision and blew it apart in all the right ways. With those two providing a deep, resourceful bottom end, Carney was free to indulge in his distinctive, aggressive guitar playing. Following their first US tour in August of 2006, Wax Fang embarked on a more grandiose journey, supporting fellow Louisvillians, My Morning Jacket, on their Fall Tour. Upon their return, they eagerly headed to the famed Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN to begin recording their forthcoming album, LA LA LAND, with engineer Doug Easley.

After spending New Year’s Eve ’07 in style, opening for MMJ at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, Wax Fang entered Ratterman’s enchanting studio, The Funeral Home (housed on the 2 nd floor of the family owned and operated funeral home located in a 150 year old building in West Louisville), for their second round of recording.

The self-produced LA LA LAND was then mixed with renowned indie producer, Mark Nevers, in Nashville, TN, shortly after being hand picked by Spoon to open for them in the Music City. Spending so much time in Nashville during an age of a struggling music industry provoked the unsigned Wax Fang to preserve their DIY aesthetic by creating their own label, Don’t Panic! Records, for the release of their new album.


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