This Morning Call

We met Ben Heyworth aka This Morning Call at the Beacon of Hope in Sackville Gardens, by Canal Street. It was a baking hot day with many people basking in the park, but that didn’t stop Ben from giving us this heart-felt performance of ‘Clockworks’.

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This Morning Call

Thursday, July 15th, 2010, 10:49 am

This Morning Call is the unusual moniker of an electronic pop producer from the UK -
Ben Heyworth.

Based in South Manchester, Ben’s unashamedly eclectic and often downbeat style borrows from the likes of Keane, The Postal Service, and A-ha. It’s an exciting new direction in a city already blessed with a rich musical inheritance, an independent spirit and an international reputation.

Mixing traditional indie balladry with electronic quirks, glitch and ambience, he draws a sombre line under the increasingly creative goings on in the electro scene, whilst putting a quiet rocket under the traditional guitar band set-up.

In 2009, This Morning Call found a home on Substream, Sweden’s finest independent record label, and his debut single “Tides” is available now as a digital download with exclusive new club mixes, available worldwide. The track has already received radio support and podcasted its way around the net to considerable acclaim. The mixes, from the likes of DJ Adler (from the riotous electro outfit Saint Pauli, DE), Supercycle (Canada), and Blue Cell (DE), have each turned the original into anthemic, hands-in-the-air, floor fillers

The debut album “All Quiet At 4AM” is slated for release on CD and digital formats on 29th March 2010. “We’ve done all sorts of shows in the past to support our releases”, explains Ben, “and it’s the more innovative stuff that sticks in the mind, like our “Live Art” installation we did for the Futuresonic Festival, where local artists literally painted the audience while they watched the show, and auctioned the resulting canvas”.

The project has been variously described as “Portishead on anti-depressants” (WeHeartMusic, USA) and “LCD Soundsystem with a hangover” (Channel 4 Music, UK), and indeed this is music to lift the soul, engage the brain and move the feet.


  1. Cam says:

    Great, great artist, not to be missed!

  2. Hakan says:

    Brilliant stuff!

  3. Ben says:

    Great video – what a lovely day to singing and playing guitar in the park!

  4. John says:

    Lovely to hear the acoustic version of the new single

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