Lucy Rose

If anyone managed to see any of Bombay Bicycle Clubs recent church shows, they would have seen Lucy Rose helping out with some amazing backing vocals and support slot. After hearing hearing this amazing voice we had to film her. We clambered up to the bell tower, guitar in tow, to grab this intimate performance.

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Lucy Rose

Monday, August 16th, 2010, 1:01 pm

Lucy Rose is an elfin 20 year old songwriter with a voice that people instantly fall for. In her slight frame she combines purity of musical purpose, a beautifully grainy voice and a passionate ,narrative songwriter’s instincts with a thirst for Guinness, a deranged sense of humour and a disrespect for pop’s history which comes naturally to someone born in 1989. She grew up in the countryside and escaped from the neighbour’s sheep by retreating to the basement of her parents house where she devoted endless hours to learning piano, drums, saxophone, guitar, percussion and any sundry noisemaking device she could drag down there.

By the age of 19 she had run away to London to lead the life of teenage troubadour, dragging her guitar around town playing heartbending songs to drunk builders in East end pubs and battling the dodgy sound mixes in upstairs rooms with the dusky loveliness of her intonation.

As the weeks went by, magical occurrences started to take place. Her gigs began to fill up with ardent fans. On a summer’s night in Kings Cross, 60 indie scenesters would come to sit at her feet. The day after Edith Bowman saw her sing at the Union Chapel she announced on Radio 1:  “Lucy Rose is absolutely outstanding. A brilliant, brilliant voice that girl has on her.

With her swag bag of songs overflowing and a determination to make a record which sings directly from the heart valves, Lucy Rose is poised to become one of the voices of the next decade. She’ll destroy the panel of Never Mind The Buzzcocks with her lippiness, then reduce the audience of Later to a puddle with a killer ballad and skip onto radios everywhere with a gilded truism sung like hazy sunshine through Autumn leaves.


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    Digging it.

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