SR Gents

Being the fine gentlemen they are, SR Gents had no trouble persuading The Palace Theatre to let us film their session in the decadent surroundings of the Ivor Novello Suite. This early morning shoot was the perfect way to start the day!


SR Gents

Thursday, August 19th, 2010, 12:27 am

A unique trio based in Manchester, SR Gents lead the résistance against young whippersnappers playing in bands who couldn’t spot a tune if it slapped them in the face. These hard working gentlemen have performed Europe wide, with over a hundred gigs in two years, from intimate bookshops to festival main stages.

A self funded release of their debut EP received critical acclaim (“A royal treat… this is well beyond impressive and sparks excitement of even more to come.”) and is soon to be followed up in 2009 with their second release.

Lead by predominantly French vocals, and supported by melodic bass and a drummer who effectively doubles on trumpet, SR Gents transform any venue in to a Parisian Left Bank establishment.


  1. henry says:

    very nice chaps!

  2. natalie says:

    hey i love you guys lol x

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