Posts by Month: September 2010

Lost On Campus

Video: Lost On Campus

During his UK tour stop in Manchester, Rob Lynch popped in to our humble abode to film this heart-felt session. He was also kind enough, along with Tom George AKA The Lion & The Wolf, to help us burn CD’S for our 100th video compilation! Old boys.

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Video: Passenger

We met Passenger one drizzly afternoon in Stevenson Square, where he performed this beautiful song to the pissed off passersby. Maybe it cheered someone up!

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Poppy’s Parade

Video: Poppy’s Parade

After some logistical maneuvering, we finally met with Poppy’s Parade ahead of their show at Night & Day. The skillful musicians did not let us down with this lovely session.

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The Crooked Fiddle Band

Video: The Crooked Fiddle Band

During their recent visit to UK soil, The Crooked Fiddle Band were kind enough to stop by in Manchester to film this pumping session at Fuel Cafe.

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Orphan Boy

Video: Orphan Boy

We found Orphan Boy’s Rob Cross enjoying a quiet evening pint in the back room of The Castle on Oldham Street. We loved this intimate performance from one of Manchester’s best front-men.

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Grand Archives

Video: Grand Archives

Meeting Grand Archives was like meeting a whole generation of Seattle music all at once. For a band that have risen from the ashes of some of Seattle’s finest recent offerings, Grand Archives sound like a band that are in their prime. Everyone got involved for this awesome session that will stick in our heads for a long time!

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Video: Brown Brogues

Brown Brogues have been hard to ignore these last few months, we contacted them about doing a session, and they said meet us in the toilets at The Corner, Fallowfield. This is what happened. It was so good we asked them to open up for our 100th Video gig.

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Tiger Please

Video: Tiger Please

We found Tiger Please admiring Manchester’s sky line outside Moho Live. We thought it was just the beautiful architecture that had caught their eye, but it turned out to be the blue photo shoot that was taking place on one of the nearby apartment balconies. But Tiger Please managed to divert the attention of passers by back to them with this awesome session.

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The Suns

Video: The Suns

We met Chester’s finest ‘The Suns’ at Castlefields, Roman Fort. They went all out with the instruments and blew us away with their alt mariachi sound.

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