The Suns

We met Chester’s finest ‘The Suns’ at Castlefields, Roman Fort. They went all out with the instruments and blew us away with their alt mariachi sound.

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The Suns

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010, 11:14 am

The River Dee may not be tidal, nor is it deep enough to surf, but somehow, somewhere, Chester groovers The Suns have managed to tap into the spirit of Link Wray, The Trashmen and The Ventures to claim the forgotten vices of tremolo abuse and spring reverb addiction as their own.

“The Suns are one of the few bands around making real garage music with a totally contemporary feel. Live, they’re f**kin brilliant. They’re the kind of band I want to be in” (Clint Boon of the Inspiral Carpets & Xfm)


  1. Weka (Scratters and the Funky Disco Pig) says:

    Lovely work. Big fan of The Suns. and of Manchester Scenewipe. Keep up the good work everyone.

  2. Auction … | Rock and Respite says:

    [...] signed ‘The Suns’ (band playing at gig) silk-screen artwork, signed by band and [...]

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