Tiger Please

We found Tiger Please admiring Manchester’s sky line outside Moho Live. We thought it was just the beautiful architecture that had caught their eye, but it turned out to be the blue photo shoot that was taking place on one of the nearby apartment balconies. But Tiger Please managed to divert the attention of passers by back to them with this awesome session.

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Tiger Please

Monday, September 6th, 2010, 2:52 am

It’s been a big couple of years for Tiger Please. Plucked from relative obscurity and paired with relatively unknown boutique label Walnut Tree Records, no-one really knew what the future would hold – what they did know, is that something big was brewing, and that maybe, just maybe… it was time for it to explode. Three as they say, is the charm. Tiger Please’ catalyst Leon Stanford didn’t find it hard to find willing band members. His powerful and enigmatic vocals ensured that it was never a problem. With THREE bands on the go at the same time however, Popular Mr. Stanford needed to make a change. After some re-jigging, a final act of five was formed. With influences ranging from Sigur Ros to Kings Of Leon, John Mayer to Counting Crows, their writing sessions were a melting pot of ideas. The five individuals found that for the first time the songs they were writing were originals. They weren’t imitations of their peers and contemporaries, they were something unique. Something of their own. Tiger Please were officially born. Before too long things started moving fast – the BBC Introducing team picked up on the band early and Bethan Elfyn has been championing them since. With a BBC session under their belt the band hit the studio to record their debut release ‘They Don’t Change Under Moonlight’.


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