Posts by Month: October 2010

Young British Artists

Video: Young British Artists

Filmed at this years In The City Festival, we set up this session with Young British Artists. After many months of trying to work out a way to film YBA, we were given the opportunity to film this amazing live band in their full glory at the Umbro studios.

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Video: Oberhofer

Filmed at this year’s In The City Festival. Oberhofer performed their incredible single ‘AWY FR U’ in one perfect take. Filmed in the Umbro Industries Studio.

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Video: Holden

Filmed at this years In The City Festival. Holden were kind enough to perform this powerful folk-rock number at very short notice ahead of their performance at the Umbro Industries studio.

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Jun Tzu

Video: Jun Tzu

While at this years Un-Convention event in Salford, we were lucky enough to witness Jun Tzu unleash an incredible nine minute spoken word poem in front of Jarvis Cocker and Billy Bragg. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and we needed to get a session with him. Jun Tzu is a lovely guy with an amazing story to tell.

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Polly & The Billets Doux

Video: Polly & The Billets Doux

We were really excited to film this session with Polly & The Billets Doux. We had heard so much about their debut album and flawless live performances and couldn’t wait to hear them acoustically. Needless to say, they were awesome! Killer harmonies and some cheeky country guitar never go a miss!

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Paddy Steer

Video: Paddy Steer

Stepping into Paddy Steer’s studio space is like stepping into his mind. We didn’t know what to expect from Paddy’s session but we were delighted to find a smoke machine and lasers. Paddy was kind enough to tailor this composition especially for us. It was a great way to start the day with this 10am shoot.

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Just months after filming tour companions ‘Tiger Please’ we were back at Moho live to film with London’s EASTSTRIKEWEST. They requested somewhere seedy to film, but after finding the Big in Amsterdam porn shop closed we headed for this well lit back alley. It worked out perfectly as the acoustics of the street showed off the talents of this great young band.

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The Narrows

Video: The Narrows

We had a great time filming with The Narrows! We met the band on Oldham Street on a beautiful autumn evening. Not knowing how many members to expect, we politely introduced ourselves to the four men we thought were part of the band. It turns out there were only three people playing on the session, the fourth guy was a mentally ill drifter who had taken a shine to the lads. He had a bit of a shout then wondered off, leaving us to film this epic session on the NCP roof!

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The Lion & The Wolf

Video: The Lion & The Wolf

During his tour with Lost On Campus, Thomas George A.K.A The Lion & The Wolf, gave us this awesome session in our very own kitchen!

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Run Toto Run

Video: Run Toto Run

We were so excited about finally filming with Run Toto Run, after nearly a year of figuring out a time and place, let alone how the electro trio would translate their sound to an un-plugged session. As it happens, they lugged their synths and drums onto a roof and plugged it right in. Sessions are always better with tinnies and sunshine!

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