The Lion & The Wolf

During his tour with Lost On Campus, Thomas George A.K.A The Lion & The Wolf, gave us this awesome session in our very own kitchen!

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The Lion & The Wolf

Monday, October 11th, 2010, 11:45 am

‘The Lion & the Wolf’ is the musical alias of Southampton based singer / songwriter Thomas George. Fusing together folk ethic, upbeat pop and songs that grab your attention from the first chord and won’t let go until the message is across. An entirely honest account of love, life, feeling lost and being found are just a few of the topics that are touched during each set.
TLATW takes influence from modern day acts such as , The Manchester Orchestra, Ben Harper, Brand New, Kevin Devine and Ray Lamontagne, whilst cross-referencing more nostalgic artists such as Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Talking Heads. TLATW is an explosive, heartfelt and genuine assault from the simplistic approach of just a voice and a guitar.


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