The Narrows

We had a great time filming with The Narrows! We met the band on Oldham Street on a beautiful autumn evening. Not knowing how many members to expect, we politely introduced ourselves to the four men we thought were part of the band. It turns out there were only three people playing on the session, the fourth guy was a mentally ill drifter who had taken a shine to the lads. He had a bit of a shout then wondered off, leaving us to film this epic session on the NCP roof!


The Narrows

Friday, October 15th, 2010, 1:45 am

“Sometimes I’m reminded of why I came to Manchester. Not for the weather, but for the fucking great bands that this city occasionally produces. Here, right here, we could have the makings of another Manchester legend. Like Delphic run through a dark ambient wringer, or Johnny Greenwood playing session on a Portishead record comes the Narrows’ debut, and it is fucking ESSENTIAL.”

Alex Lynham – High Voltage


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