Philadelphia Grand Jury

It was touch and go as to whether we would film with ‘The Philly Jays’, as their UK road knowledge wasn’t as good as they first thought. However they managed to fit us in before their gig at Night & Day. We took a walk around Manchester’s Northern Quarter in search of a location and ended up in the NCP lifts.


Philadelphia Grand Jury

Monday, November 1st, 2010, 12:11 pm

Forget haircuts, forget NME, forget your ex-girlfriend – this is Philadelphia Grand Jury.

All grit and all heart, MC Bad Genius and Berkfinger’s brand of Independent Punk Soul is painfully honest and heavily based in melody. Joined by an array of completely mental drummers over the years, the one thing that will never change is that if you go to see the Philadelphia Grand Jury show, you will definitely come back for another.

In an age where everything is plastic and you have to pay to take a piss, these guys are real and no bullsh*t. The Philadelphia Grand Jury model is simple: own your own means of production and never compromise. If someone tells you how to make your music, they are probably from a record label and they probably won’t have a job next year. “If the record label had a nose we would punch it in”.

Philadelphia Grand Jury make and release their own records, on their own terms, scraping together whatever tools they can find, and they aren’t leaving until you pay attention.

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