Vincent Nifigance

We discovered Vincent Nifigance after he sent us a link to his songs. We were impressed by his anti-folk style and abstract lyrics. Seth arranged to meet us one Monday morning at the photography department at MMU along with a clip from a ‘straight to VHS’ movie from the 80′s. The over acted surrealism of the footage complemented Vincent Nifigance whimsical performance, and delivers this solemn ceremony.


Vincent Nifigance

Thursday, December 16th, 2010, 1:21 pm

Vincent Nifigance is the recording name of an unknown independent musician based in Manchester, England, recording somewhat abstract and whimsical songs with a sometimes scatological, but undeniably melodic-bent on low grade instruments and recording equipment. His earliest output surfaced in 2006 and was received warmly, featuring on now defunct Internet Radio Show The DIY Chart Show broadcast from Brno in the Czech Republic, and also on Largehearted Boy. His debut release The Shambolic Fuzz-Pop ExtraOrdinary was released via the distribution arm of New York’s ’Olive Juice Music’ record label in May of 2007.

Working primarily in and around his home he is seen to be most active on his blog. He was initially associated with Manchester’s underground/alternative gay scene, playing his first, and at the time of writing, only performance, at one of the Kaffequeeria collective’s monthly events supporting transgender country singer Rae Spoon, at ‘The Basement’ in Manchester City Centre, England, in October of 2006.

He was then linked with New York’s continuing ‘Anti-Folk’ movement (perhaps owing solely to his association with Olive Juice Music , who boast output from artists such as Dufus, Prewar Yardsale, and founder Major Matt Mason USA ), although he himself seems loathe to pledge allegiance to any particular scene.

During 2008 he was rumoured to be working on a potentially grander scale than previously, on an ironic concept album entitled: The So-F*%king Sophoclean Sophomoronic Pretension The follow-up finally appeared in January ‘09, with its delay explained by its new title: The Self Fulfilling Secondary Stumbling Prophecy, and described by Major Matt Mason USA as having “A slightly more cinematic, whispery, rock opera slant.


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