We headed down to The Ruby Lounge to film this session with the fantastic We Are Augustines, where they performed this stripped back version of ‘Book of James’.



Friday, June 24th, 2011, 9:00 am

Formed out of the ashes of Brooklyn band Pela, We Are Augustines are certainly no newcomers. Having toured with the likes of Sonic Youth, The National and The Flaming Lips, Pela had a fairly successful run but unfortunately split in 2009. Nevertheless, lead singer/guitarist Billy McCarthy and bassist Eric Sanderson continued to play together thus leading to the birth of We Are Augustines. As the brainchild of the two former Pela members, you can only expect something spectacular. And boy, do they deliver. Listening to the duo (now trio as Rob Allen was recently named an official member), you hear a sense of maturity in their music, like they know exactly what they’re doing. Their songs play like stories; interesting and unique and you find yourself intrigued and somewhat captivated by what they have to say…

Words courtesy of Shout4Music

For more about We Are Augustines, have a click here


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