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Vivian Girls

Review: Vivian Girls

A decent crowd ventured out for this show, especially considering it was a Sunday night and the streets were nearly flooded from the unrelenting rain of the day. Then again, it was at the Ruby Lounge (a venue that tends to guarantee a good show) and the band was Vivian … Read on

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Graduale Nobili

Review: Graduale Nobili


Bright Eyes is playing the Academy tonight. Hate to Oberst your bubble, but I’m not sad I’m missing that…

Tonight the University of Manchester’s Rich kids are Dracula Graduates – capes a-flap in the lukewarm wind, thumbing their noses at the sun. But we all know ‘Goth’ is an … Read on

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Review: Wu Lyf

This year’s MIF has provided Manchester with some of the year’s cultural highlights. From Bjork’s Biophilia to Damon Albarn’s Doctor Dee, the city has been spoiled rotten with some of the biggest tickets money can buy. However, the show that has set the pulse of every young hipster racing is … Read on

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The Electrification of Salford

Review: The Electrification of Salford

1 the charging of a medium or place with electricity (as adjective electrified): Martin had grown up without electricity and electrification of his neighbourhood only occurred in the mid-1990s.

2 (often as adjective electrifying) cause a sudden sense of thrilling excitement in (someone): an electrifying performance



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Review: Tame Impala

2010’s breakthough rock’n’roll masterpiece had to be Innerspeaker. No doubt about it. An album of beautifully crafted psychedelica. Having waited a lifetime to witness it live, two treats in a month. Sound.

Seeing Tame Impala at midday on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury was strange. Maybe it was the … Read on

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hot head

Review: Primus

Hot Head Show open for Primus tonight. The band are a trio from London comprised of Jordan Bennett (Guitar/Vocals), Vaughn Stokes (Bass) and Beatamax (have a guess). Already absolutely rammed with hardcore Primus fans the room has an atmosphere of indecision. Comments such as “more irritating than boring” and “fucking … Read on

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Review: Vintage Trouble || Academy 3, MCR || 06.07.11

The insipid heat of Academy 3, caused by the mixed throng of bodies and lack of adequate ventilation, provided a suitable setting for Vintage Trouble, the soul-rock sensation that has recently burst out of Los Angeles. Their sound is a fusion of many solid influences. From the outset, it sounds … Read on

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