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Review: Wye Oak

The late summer air lingered in the empty streets of Manchester, providing a stillness and clarity that is rare for such a large city. It was, however, perfect for Wye Oak, a two piece who play Manchester for the second time tonight. For a band named after a very old … Read on

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other lives

Review: Other Lives


I’m having real trouble at the moment when it comes to discussing music criticism with people. Mainly ‘cause I’ll mention Everett True and be met with blank looks – which is disheartening to say the least.

Anyway, Everett True wrote the only review of the latest Horrors album that … Read on

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News: Beacons Festival **Cancelled**

This year’s anticipated Beacons Festival has been cancelled due to flooding.

Statement from the organisers:
“It is with sincere regret that the organisers of Beacons Festival 2011 have had to announce its cancellation,”
“Due to severe adverse weather, the event site is no longer considered to be safe for a … Read on

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Review: Lucy Rose

The still air and (unusually) calm streets of Manchester provided a fitting atmosphere for Lucy Rose’s first Manchester show. That night, riots were sweeping across London, her current home, causing widespread damage and untold misery. The following night, the same fate awaited Manchester. Had the show been booked for 24 … Read on

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