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Arcade Fire Match Fans Haiti Charity Donations

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Regine Chassange of the band is on the board of directors for the charity Kanpe. The Charity organization was set up to help rebuild Haiti after the catastrophic effects of an earthquake in 2010.

 Arcade Fire have promised to match any donations their fans decide to give to the charity. They have also promised to send out postcards to all the lovely donors out there, signed by Regine and Win Butler themselves.

The band have however set the limit on the amount they will donate in total at  £190,973. Win Butler told Pitchfork that this was for ‘any silicone valley jerks who might try to bankrupt us’.

So forget soaps and smellies for Christmas this year, give away Arcade Fire’s money instead and get a postcard for your family to pop under the tree, all for a really great cause.

You can make your donation HERE

Find out more about Kanpe HERE


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