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Ten First Times – Peaking Lights

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What hasn’t been said about Peaking Lights ? Their new album 936 has been classified as one of the best 2011 albums. Their captivating sound embarks you on one journey, halfway between tribal and psychedelic, letting you embrace an era where nothing was out of reach and everyone made love, not war.

So here we are, sat at one of the tables of the Deaf Institute, where Indra and multitasking Aaron (holding and feeding their son Mikko, eating his dinner and answering my questions!) let me enter their world and memories before getting ready for their last gig of their tour this year.




1st concert seen: “I went to a Bluegrass Festival with my parents in California ”

1st concert played: “I was in a Death Metal Band when I was in High School (9th Grade). We played at a party.”

1st movie at the cinema: “I don’t remember seeing it but my parents told me it was Star Wars. We went to a drive-in. There was actually an earthquake during the movie but my dad thought it was a joke from one of his friends at the back of the truck !!”

1st record/cassette/CD bought: “Iron Maiden, Bob Marley and NWA -Too Short

1st exhibition: “It was either the San Francisco MOMA or the LA Contemporary Museum.”

1st travel: “I went to Mexico when I was 8.”

1st kiss: “ I was about 10-11. It happened at school with one of the twin sisters…I can’t remember which one !!”

1st fight: “ Ooh ! I beat up that boy in 2nd grade, Andrew, because he was picking on me.”

1st hangover: “In High School, we got drunk on beers and Southern Comfort when I was 14. The following day, we had to go for an 8 mile walk over the hills. I ended up puking in my friend’s mother’s car and had to clean it up !!”





1st concert seen: “ I went to see Joan Baez with my mum when I was 10.”

1st concert played: “I was in a band called Tractor Man. We played at a basement party in Wisconsin. We only had 3 songs and were so anxious but managed to finish our set ! ”

1st movie at the cinema: “Bambi.”

1st record/cassette/CD bought: “Men at work on a cassette.”

1st exhibition: “The Art Institute in Chicago when I was 10/11.”

1st travel: “Hong Kong when I was 18.”

1st kiss: “It was on the playground at lunch ! I was 12.”

1st fight: “I never really got in a fight but I used to kick my neighbour Peter. He was the 1st person to teach me a swear word : ‘Asshole ’! ”

1st hangover: “I went to St Croix in the Virgin Islands with my family when I was 16. I became friends with a girl there and we went out in a bar and drank Vodka and Kool-Aid. Then we went to a Reggae club. The following day…No wait ! I remember now ! My dad actually dragged me out of the club ! (laughs) ”


Concert promoted by Now Wave

For more  of Camille Dionisi’s ‘Ten First Time Interviews’, check out her blog!



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