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brown brogues anyone but you cover

Review: Brown Brogues: ‘Anyone But You’ – Review

This is definitely still the same Brown Brogues we saw causing trouble in a Wigan labour club in last year’s video for ‘Treet U Beta’, but there’s some big differences from the soundtrack to that chaos. Mark Vernon’s echoing, nigh-on indecipherable vocals remain, but sound far less sinister than … Read on

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Gig: Fat Out Till You Pass Present: BLACK BREATH with VICTIMS + TORMENTED

We are very excited to bring BLACK BREATH back to Manchester. After their sensationally rowdy show at Star and Garter last year there is no doubt that this show is going to seriously erupt at Islington Mill!

Black Breath

Seattle’s Black Breath have trail-blazed onto the independent metal scene since … Read on


Gig: Fat Out Present Russian Circles with support from Our Man In The Bronze Age


Unite three musicians – playing three unique roles; each compelled to move in the direction of what is timeless, to draw on history and take from where they’ve grown and from the traditions of music made decades ago – and you’ll craft a moment, a Rite of Spring, … Read on


Gig: Maps and Atlases

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois and fusing together a perfect blend of experimental stylings, math-pop and folk, Maps & Atlases make their long-awaited return to the UK. We are really looking forward to this one!

“Maps & Atlases are far from the only band from Chicago to use [math-rock] as a … Read on


Gig: Momus




Momus is the artist name of Nick Currie, a Scotsman currently living in Japan. For over twenty years he’s been releasing albums of weird and poignant songs in a dizzying array of styles on independent labels like 4AD, el and Creation. He is one of … Read on