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Apple In Legal Dispute Over Banana

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The Velvet Underground are in legal disputes with The Andy Warhol Foundation for selling Warhol’s iconic banana design to Apple. The artwork became a legendary image when it was used on the cover of ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico‘ album in 1967.

The lawsuit claims that the image has such strong associations with The Velvet Underground that it is unfair to use it to endorse products the band never would. The proposed use of the image to sell iphone’s and ipad’s is said to cheapen the name of The Velvet Underground. However, the artwork was never actually copyrighted because Andy Warhol originally licensed the image from an ad.

A symbol of the 60′s experimentation and the ultimate collision of pop art and pop music or just another computer fruit used to sell more products. How does the banana make you feel?


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