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Ten First Times – Alt-J (∆ )

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What can I say about Alt-j (∆) that hasn’t been said yet? I can’t… But Gwilym Sainsbury and Gus Unger-Hamilton were happy to answer my questions after their soundcheck at Soundcontrol, supporting Ghostpoet.




1st concert seen: ”The most impressive gig I’ve ever been to so far was Babyshambles in Plymouth in 2006.”

1st concert played: ”In our front room in 2008.”

1st movie at the cinema: ”Spacejam.”

1st book: “The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.”

1st record/cassette/CD bought: ”Dr Dre on CD in 2001.”

1st exhibition:  “The first exhibition that struck me was Mike Nelson’s Coral Reef at the Tate Britain.”

1st travel: ”Brittany in 1992, when I was 5.”

1st kiss: ”I was about 13. She kissed me and told everyone I had bit her tongue, which was completely false, and gave me a “good reputation”…”

1st fight: ”I was in quite a few fights when I was in primary school but I never really used my fists. Once, I had a fight with a big guy. I tried to kick him but he took my leg and smacked me on the floor.”

1st hangover: ”I was 14 and drank Budweiser with my friends.”



1st concert seen: ”Kings of Leon at Brixton Academy in 2003.”

1st movie at the cinema: ”Babe in 1995.”

1st book: “The first book I really enjoyed was A Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.”

1st record/cassette/CD bought: ”Spice by Spice Girls on a cassette.”

1st exhibition: ”Robert Crumb.”

1st travel: ”England in 1991.”

1st kiss: ”It was an “organised kiss”. When I was about 11 and was forced into the music room at school to go and kiss this girl. Obviously, everyone was watching. It was really embarrassing.”

1st fight: ”When I was 7, we had organised a fight after school but the teachers saw us and prevented it from happenning.”

1st hangover: ”I was 15 and went camping with friends on the coast. We drank Absolute Vanilla. I had a massive hangover!”


Concert Promoted by Now Wave

For more  of Camille Dionisi’s ‘Ten First Time Interviews’, check out her blog!


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