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Icecapades announce SEX HANDS//DAILY LIFE split 7 inch

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Bringing together two of Manchester’s most promising and invigorating breakout bands of recent times, the latest offering from Manchester based micro-label, Icecapades, crams 12 minutes of classic, hook-laden pop precision onto both sides of this 45rpm 7”.

Side A is taken up by Sex Hands, three childhood best friends from North Wales, and one new pal from Manchester via Runcorn, making music inspired by the hit TV series Friends. Taking in members of NW notables Klaus Kinski, Irma Vep, and Waiters, they enigmatically straddle the line between uniquely irresistible melodic delights, and unhinged macho-man party anthems. Your curiosity may already have been piqued by their recent, excellent (and free to download) collection ‘Season 1’. This though is proudly their first appearance on vinyl, and sees them flex their muscle through pulse-rasing standouts; ‘Way, No Way’, and ‘Ichiban’.

Check out the Video for ‘Ichiban:


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Side B is occupied by the now-on-an-indefinate-hiatus-Daily Life. A band specialising in perfect slabs of modern post-punk, pop songs that crawl resolutely in your ear and burrow wayyy deep in your skull. Sadly scuppered in their plan for pure world dominance by singer Luke’s decision to emigrate to New Zealand in January of this year – we toast the brief, bright existence of our dearly departed friends in the only manner befitting these formidable recordings; cherry picking their two strongest cuts, ‘King of Sports’ and ‘Alabaster’, and commiting them to vinyl.


Released April 23rd 2012, the record is restricted to 250 copies, each coming with beautifully screen-printed covers courtesy of Manchester Artists Alex Humphries and Lucy Jones.


You can catch Sex Hands at the following live appearances:

Sunday 29th April @ Common, Edge Street, MANCHESTER – w/ Brown Brogues & Former Bullies SINGLE LAUNCH
Saturday 5th May @ The Black Cap, Camden Crawl, LONDON – Moshi Moshi stage (Link)
Sunday 6th May @ Rover Return, Sounds From the Other City, SALFORD (Link)
Sunday 27th May @ Trof Fallowfield, MANCHESTER – w/ Beta Blocker & the Body Clock, King of Cats & No Womb (Link)

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