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THEESatisfaction are Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White. Stas was born and raised in Tacoma, Cat in Seattle and Hawaii. The pair live/laugh/love/dance and create in Seattle, WA. They write, produce and perform their own material, funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday … Read on

Charlotte Church

Gig: Charlotte Church



Be among the first to witness an exciting reincarnation of the former child star, and one of the world’s most famous sopranos who has performed for the Pope, President Clinton, the Queen – and with Pavarotti.


Charlotte hits Fibbers with a bold and unique sound. Big drums, … Read on


Gig: Destroyer



Dan Bejar started Destroyer as a solo home-recording project in the early to mid-nineties. In 1996, he released his debut full length of stripped-down, lo-fi electric folk, Well Build Them a Golden Bridge. Soon the Destroyer template expanded to include a rhythm section, and Bejar was compelled … Read on




Minneapolis continues its golden run of producing quality talent with the first project to arrive out the Gayngs collective, the super slick electronic pop-soul outfit Poliça. Fronted by ice cool vocalist Channy Leanagh who sang with Gayngs, produced by Ryan Olson and featuring Mike Noyce from Bon Iver, it’s … Read on

traveling band

Gig: The Travelling Band


Formed in Manchester, UK, in 2006 The Travelling Band’s shimmering blend of cosmic-country-pop, understated psychedelia, vocal harmonies and nu-folk has made them one of the most talked about artists to emerge from the Manchester music scene – “If you consider the term Mancunian Americanato be an oxymoron try listening … Read on

Straight Lines by Dan Griffiths - /

Gig: Straight Lines



Pontypridd, Wales. 2009 – Dane Campell and Tom Jenkins (drums and vocals respectively) have a dream. A dream not dissimilar for many young men… form a band, record an album, hit the road. More often than not, this dream is only ever that. For the newly formed Straight … Read on

Gig: Goose


Formed in the summer of 2000, they won the Belgian National Humo Rock Rally which led to a live session on the Belgian Radio One and MTV equivalent. Later in 2002 they recorded the debut single ‘Audience’ with producer Teo Miller (Placebo – Nancy Boy). In 2006 they released … Read on

Gig: Grimes


There is a powerful harmony in Grimes. It is a project which is both musical and visual, embodying the arts of 2D, performance, dance, video and sound. Claire Boucher weaves these together to a strong rhythmic effect, “the marriage between the voice of a human and the heartbeat of … Read on