Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Many of us have a very active social and work life. Obviously that means lot of going out, partying out and dining out. When you eat out invariably you tend to eat unhealthy stuff and slowly all your indiscretions result in you gaining weight. Eating out at restaurants has become so ubiquitous in our lives that putting a stop to it almost impossible for us mortals with busy lives. So how can we manage both dining out as well as our health concerns? All it takes is a bit of will-power and lot of smart planning and you’re set on the road to a healthy lifestyle much to the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Here are some of the top tips compiled after brainstorming with nutrition experts.

Research the restaurant’s menu before making reservations:

Check restaurant’s menu before you go there. If the majority of the food there is of the fast food variety then it’s a clear red flag. Avoid it totally. Choose a restaurant which lists organic vegetables, meat and poultry.

State your preferences:

If you are vegan, vegetarian or allergic to certain foods, then call up the restaurant to know if they can manage your restrictions. This will help you in making informed decision and not get stuck with dishes which harm you.

Say no to alcohol:

We know very well that alcohol is fattening as we tend to mix it with other liquids such as juices and soda. Wine and Beer also have high calories. To add to the misery, alcohol fuels appetite and you tend to binge more. Those who have the will power can limit themselves to not more than 1 glass but rest of us should abstain from drinking while dining out.

Avoid grains:

Grains are very condensed sources of carbs. Think of pasta, pizza, bread and rice. All very delicious addictive but fattening. Remove them from your order and you will see a big difference in just few days. Not only your waistline but your body will also say thanks to you.

Eat your greens:

Sounds boring but veggies fill you up quickly and stops you from over indulging. Not to mention vegetables are a precious source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which is so essential for your digestive and elimination process.

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Opt for lean meats:

When you choose meat or poultry make wise choices. Chicken and fish are very good sources of lean protein. Mutton has lot of fat in it which can add up to your waistline pretty soon. So next time around choose Mexican chicken tacos with over that rib eye steak.

Avoid condiments & additives:

Condiments and additives increase or alter the taste of the food making us eat it more. Sauce and MSG are the main culprits. Many of these additives also have synthetic chemicals which may harm us over a long period of time. MSG is also known to cause headaches to people sensitive to it. There are no studies on long term effect of these additives so it’s better to avoid them altogether.

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