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‘Violet replacement’
Plus support: Diamond Catalog

Grouper unveils a haunting new performance entitled Violet Replacement comprised of tape loops, field recordings and submerged atmospherics presented in a set of naturally resonant and specially customised locations.

Grouper is a recording and performing project by Liz Harris. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Since 2005 she has released a flow of LPs, CDRs and tapes into the world on labels like Type, Room40, Root Strata and her own Yellow Electric imprint. The Wire recently compared her music to the rural psychedelia/drone odysseys of Flying Saucer Attack.
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Grouper’s live shows are rare occurrences and are always in tune with the architecture and acoustics of a space. For this tour she performs a new collection of tape collages derived from a commission for New York’s Issue Project Room. Field recordings, Wurlitzer loops and vocal tracks from her archives are mixed, spliced and processed live from an array of dictaphones and tape players.

Diamond Catalog is a duo of Lala Conchita and Pat Maherr (Indignant Senility, Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting), whose debut LP Magnified Palette has recently been released by NNA Tapes.


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