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Hookworms – The Lost Weekend

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Grey Lantern and wotgodforgot are delighted to team up to present a two-night residency at Islington Mill, hosted by one of our favourite bands of the last ten years, Hookworms. The brilliant Leeds-based five-piece have fully curated the following line-up…



Combining a sound of Pixies-inspired crispiness with wallowing dirges of noise atop melodically-woven basslines, London-based Novella are an aural multi-assault. Formed in 2010 in Brighton, the group have notched up a series of releases on Dirty Bingo Records and Italian Beach Babes.


A brand new project started by Mazes’ Jack Cooper and James from Veronica Falls, Ultimate Painting sits in the same sphere as both musicians ‘day jobs’ but has a more freeform-sounding approach to it, without ever leaving behind a sense of pop nous.


Local Mancunian stalwarts playing rough-edged indie-pop with yelping vocals and high-end guitar. Formed from a conglomerate of other equally great bands past and present, including Klaus Kinski, Irma Vep and Waiters, Sex Hands are the greatest super group you never knew.



Mixing rhythmic constancy with an altogether rougher sounding context, Cold Pumas motorik-driven rock is unremitting and abrasive. 2012’s Persisent Malaise was a thrilling demonstration of sustain and release pressure, and live the Brighton-based four-piece take that to another level.


Formerly mighty purveyors of the darkest, droniest psych-rock; following 2013’s formidable LP Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune, out on Gringo Records & Faux Discx, this London trio are turning to an even more intense, visceral electronic sound.


Fat Cat-signed three-piece return to Manchester following the brilliant krautrock-driven Ores & Minerals, released in 2013; the trio will be airing material and old and unreleased as they ready the release of their new album, to be released later this year.


From the sunny beaches of Brighton comes the most brooding of bands. Throbbing, pulverising electronics coated in sheets of noise and tension-filled Cramps licks; Sealings bring their ice-cold post-punk north of London for the very first time.


You’d be easily forgiven for mistaking the bubbling, modular bliss-outs of Bill Young for some unheard 70’s private-press from the depths of the Berlin School. Moon Gangs provides the perfect soundtrack for a dystopian world where Rick Deckard and Mad Max run riot. New 12” I comes out on Sexbeat in May.


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