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The Rainband

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Founded in 2009 by lead singer Martin Finnigan and guitarist Phil Rainey, The Rainband was nominated 2010 Band of the Year by The Natter magazine. The lads were then signed to Manchester’s independent label Affinity Records.

In 2011 they supported Simple Minds, played for James, toured with Ocean Colour Scene and released their first EP and two singles – the second one, ‘The Prodigal’ featuring Rowetta of the Happy Mondays, made Q magazine’s Hot 50. After performing over forty live dates they ended the year with their biggest headlining gig to date at the HMV Ritz Manchester. Their achievements won them the support and endorsement of seminal figures such as Jim Kerr, Tim Booth, Steve Cradock and Simon Fowler, Peter Hook, Guy Garvey…

Following their performance at the Ritz, 2012 opened with the band being commissioned by Trevor Williams (‘Route Irish’ by Ken Loach) to write the main song of his film ‘Plenty of More Fish in the Sea’.

The guys were hand picked by O2 as Rising Stars and invited to the Brit Awards.

In June they will be opening the British Moto GP in front of 80.000 at Silverstone.

A UK tour in May, major festivals during summer and taking the stage in France will be but a fraction of what the band are about to offer their fans this year.

They are currently working on their first album and will be entering the studio soon.

The Rainband’s music and soul - “The music is everything. Its the music that matters.” The band’s influences run deep, taking listeners on a journey inspired by acts such as Joy Division through to The Doves. It comes in the shape of expansive guitar-driven sound-scapes and killer melodies, with an underlying menace. It gives a nod the great things to come out of Manchester but with so much more besides.




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