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Bear in Heaven – Live Review

The Soup Kitchen - 20/05/12
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Soup Kitchen can be the place to be, or a lonely hole in the ground. I arrive late to escape the latter, but find it cowering and awkward. Only support, ‘Indian’, is no doubt the best thing you’ve heard on Hypem that day, but in a room of ten, he is just a happy Swede with a sampler.

The great thing about publicising your running times though, is that the room fills up handsomely by 9 ready for the smoked filled hole in the ground to become the only place to be on a Sunday night.

Bear in Heaven bring there own disco, lights and all! Frontman Jon Philpot embraces his calling and takes on the persona of dodgy greek pop man and Adele’s’ best mate Mika. This is a good thing!

Bear in Heaven is a surprisingly exciting live performance. Labeled as prog-rock, psychedelic, and electro, none of those descriptions quite fit the band’s expansive sound as moved by Philpot’s soulful vocals, prog bass, synths and layered arrangements. They get the crowds knee jerking and with Philpot’s mouthing of ‘Dance with me’ we can’t help but move the hips as well.

‘Kiss Me Crazy’ was the highlight for me, check out a little clip I filmed:


YouTube Preview Image


Keep your eyes peeled for our session with Bear In Heaven due next week, and if you can’t wait for that, make sure you check out their new album ‘I Love You, It’s Cool’, it’s great, like top ten album of my year so far.


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