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Brown Brogues – Live Review

Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 03.03.12
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I saw Brown Brogues earlier this year at The Roadhouse and was looking forward to their EP launch gig at Soup Kitchen last weekend. It was another great venue for this two piece band: basement, red lights, alcohol and fans, friends and friends who are (huge) fans.

“We don’t usually play this early”, Mark told me before their gig. They did play earlier than usual (9.40pm) as there was a club night after the gig but it didn’t matter at all.

Playing tune after tune (amongst them Anyone But you, I Just Don’t Know, Treet U Beta, Don’t Touch My Hair and Leather Pushers), it was great to get that old school garage sound only a few bands achieve so well. They played for an hour, making the crowd bounce (nicely though, it’s an English crowd for God’s sake!), interacting with their public (a courteous “F-Off” sealed the deal, loved it!), ending the gig by throwing guitar and drums and leaving the stage to thunderous applause.

They’ll tell anyone who want to hear they hate each other but we obviously know it’s not true. It’s pure love between these guys, I’m telling ya…! You don’t believe me? Check this video, you wouldn’t go through all this if it wasn’t true friendship;


YouTube Preview Image


But back to their gig… It was obviously impossible to record any live song as any phone would instantly stop. There aren’t many live videos online anyway and this is because you MUST come down and see them for yourself! They’ve gone to America now but will be back soon.

 Another great performance for Brown Brogues tonight, good luck in the USA boys!


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