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Dan Mangan: Rows of Houses – Review

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Taken from 2011′s Oh Fortune, Rows of Houses is the latest single from the often shamefully over-looked singer/songwriter Dan Mangan. Now on his third full length release, Mangan is quickly approaching the top of his game and Rows of Houses is a heavy indication of what he is capable of producing.

While at times he may sometimes sound like the rotund lead singer from Mumford and Sons – don’t let this put you off. A gloriously orchestrated single, Rows of Houses will perhaps throw some Mangan fans off kilter with its stirring harmonies and dare I say it, ‘rockier’ edge.

Saying that the song still comes complete with the Canadian’s strong and poignant lyricism, delivered by vocals, which have never sounded more raw or honest.

Almost the complete package, Rows of Houses and similarly the album it is taken from, are Mangan’s most accomplished releases to date and could prove to be the much deserved catalyst finally needed to propel his music to the masses.



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