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Great Waves – Live Review

Trof Fallowfield
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It all goes back to November 2011 at Soundcontrol, when my friend J. told me “You need to come and watch these guys!”. By then, it was only their third concert. Within only 4 months, these two guys have managed to rock my world and make me realise that life is truly and only about LOVE.



Every concert they’ve played has increased in beauty and meditative state, feeling like taking off without being on a plane or snorting drugs. Their music  has matured and so have they. It actually IS like true Love: the more you get to hear them, the more in Love you are.

They were only a support band last Monday but they were the ones I wanted to watch (No offence to the other band). I have to admit that I did expect the sound to be quite poor as I had been there before and been disappointed … But that night, the combination of the blue lights (they usually have visuals but the venue wasn’t suitable), THE smoke machine, an excellent sound engineer, true friends and fans, it was simply perfect. When I say true fans and friends, I mean cheering so loud and genuinely they could have pierced your heart with Love and called you to join Heaven…

Playing tune after tune, their set did not last very long as, well, they’ve only been playing for a few months! But this was enough to levitate and “walk Into The Blue“. I love all their songs; they work separate;y and as a whole. It’s like deciding whether you want just a sip or a whole glass… Knowing you’ll end up drinking the whole bottle eventually.


You will have to wait a little longer for their Debut EP but it’s on its way…

You can always see them live in April and/or May at these concerts:

Grey Lantern Presents … TEEN DAZE w/ BROTHERTIGER + G R E A T W A V E S

Future Everything in association with Now Wave present… alt-J (∆) + MONEY + NO CEREMONY + STEALING SHEEP + GREAT WAVES + PINS


Great Waves are calling for Love, so let them.


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