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Kindness – Live Review

Soup Kitchen
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So the critics of the album are similar to a rollercoaster and I can understand that Kindness is not everyone’s cup of tea. I actually felt sort of “in between” when I listened to it. I couldn’t really understand where all this was going, until I went to watch them.

I don’t know about you but the best concerts I’ve been to were the ones where the artist/the band crosses the line and actually alter their songs and this is exactly what happened that night.

Starting off with Cyan in order to put us in the right mood straight away, Kindness carried on playing for another forty minutes. But I most certainly did not expect the music to be so funky! Step by step, my left shoulder started to shake, then my right, followed by my feet. Kindness became my drunken best friend for the rest of the concert. (We weren’t drunk but you know the feeling when you’ve had a few, dancing with your bestfriend to whom you say “I love you” every five seconds…).

The band’s osmose was obvious and only brought positive vibes amongst the crowd. Indeed, from an amazing drummer who would stand up whilst hammering on his instrument, to the two amazing chorists who were dancing in sync, the whole band turned Soup Kitchen’s basement into a dancefloor.

I will extrapolate a little bit but it did remind me of my first gig with my dad, James Brown. The atmosphere, the 2 amazing chorists (bis), the slapping guitar… It was modern Funk music man! Adding up to the band was that nonchalant yet sexy dark haired man, who introduced all the band members to the crowd. (I had to mention it, you know how I find this utterly good old-fashioned and really cool).

In other words, I believe that if James Brown and Prince ever had a baby and created a band, it would have been Kindness. You might think I’m crazy (or even a complete novice in Funk music!) but this is how I see it.I particularly liked bombastic, which started with a beautiful acapella between Adam and the girls. Pure bliss as I often say.

Some bands are better live than on record/CD/mp3 etc. and to me, this is how I see Kindness. So if you wanna move your shoulders and have a great time, then this gig is for you!



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