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Pale Seas: Something or Nothing – Review

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This glittering, Bright-Eyed sing-along of loss and mournfulness isn’t going to set the world aflame, but isn’t that bad an addition to the heap of candidates vying for inclusion on the Soundtrack to some pale-blue postered Fox Searchlight-produced Indie flick, written and directed by some young, good-looking actor desperate to be taken seriously. One could imagine hugging their significant-other’s ‘The Killing’ inspired knitwear on some grassy sand dune on a wintery beach, weeping into a white iPhone whose screen reads “I love you, adieu”, or ‘toodle-oo’, or something equally as twee.



I can’t really find out too much about this band other than the fact they’re from London via Southampton, used to be called ‘Netherlands’ (nyuk), and that their music is twinkly, and nice. One among the many micro-reviewers delivered this gem for the tour posters:

 ”Definitely worth checking out the rest of Pale Seas’ music as it’s the kind of music you can comfortably sink into without much thought”. 

Like a coma.

This is your life, dagnabbit, grab it by the jowls and throw a sausage at your Boss.



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