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Super Best Friends Club: Yes You Are – Review

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A strange choice for a standalone, this single starts off as though it should be accompanying some YouTube compilation of seemingly meaningful mini-clips that speak of the wonder in living on this fantastical planet as the simple four note piano noodle repeats over and over – I see a droplet bombing a liquid crown out of a peaceful body of water, a frog leaping through the air across the sun in slow motion, a stop motion flower blooming before clamming up as the dark seeps in- certainly a scene setter, an opening track rather than a single, then vocals other than the underlying texture-lending “oh”s begin:


“Going to school ain’t easy,
Going to school ain’t easy,
I know, I tried it a couple of times and it ain’t easy.”


I picked this song to review based solely on the band’s South Park referencing name and they didn’t let me down, as they had me from this first verse. The simplicity, humour, and audacity of saying he tried it a couple of times, before repeating the original statement somehow cuts through any bullshit I might have been expecting to cause me to roll my eyes across the arc of a yawn, and speaks deeper than anything as contrived as the aforementioned imaginary YouTube compilation could possibly achieve. Technicolour layers take their hint, and build upon the cyclical whirlwind of a piano base, without really taking it anywhere new, but in spite of this the song gains momentum and retains the interest…


“I put on camouflage to make it easier”

“You are the most amazing being ever,
The most amazing feeling ever”


…before petering out, leaving me wanting to know where exactly this band is going with this.


Super Best Friends Club, you are the best new music I’ve heard this year. Yes You Are.



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