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Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – ‘Instrumental Tourist’: Album Review

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It’s always refreshing when a meeting of musical minds yields unique and unpredictable results – take for instance the slo-mo indie that came from Isis & Aereogramme or the occasionally-beautiful but often crushing Sunn O))) & Boris collaboration album, “Altar”.

Both Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) are masters of their craft, happy to exist in a place occupied by radio static, electrical chaos and sub-bass drones. All of that is present and correct on this collaboration album, as you should expect – what may come as a surprise is the truly melodic and rather beautiful element that coexists with the darkness.


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There’s an improvisational feel to much of the record and, on occasion, background mutterings can be heard amongst the washes of synth drones. “Vaccination” and “Scene From A French Zoo” bring the more melodic element of the record to the fore, yet there is always an imposing sense of dread, that the tranquil calm could spill over into harsh, nightmarish feedback at any moment.

“Instrumental Tourist” is a welcome side-step for both artists that extends ideas and explores avenues previously only hinted at in their solo work.

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