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‘Tuesday/I Want Someone Else’ 7 Inch

Sways Records
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Anyone who frequents this wonderful site will see many videos, reviews and news pieces on this rowdy Mancunian two-piece – and rightly so, as they create a great, noisy, tuneful racket. According to their press release, both songs that make up this pretty tremendous single were written and recorded during the same rehearsal and writing session – an impressive feat by anyone’s standards, but when the results are as exceptionally good as this it astounds all the more.



“Tuesday”, while still maintaining the overdriven fuzzy noise of their live show, is catchy and melodic – bringing soft vocals to forefront and skilfully weaves its way into your memory and simply demands multiple listens. Second song “I Want Someone Else” is much slower, bleaker and less instant as “Tuesday”, yet as the song grows from its initial two-chord structure and introduces reverb-drenched guitar melodies akin to the likes of Grizzly Bear and Deerhunter, the song really opens up and draws you in closer.


Sadly, It’s all over a little too soon, but you’re left eager for more. Roll on the next single please!


Buy ‘Tuesday/I Want Someone Else’ 7 Inch HERE!



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