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Yppah: Film Burn – Review

Ninja Tune
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Nowadays, new artists and songs pop out like mushrooms in Autumn in France (and all year round in England). And most artists get one big hit and a few years down the line, people ask


“What happened to him/her?

- I don’t know, did he/she become a social worker?”

(Please note that I have nothing against social workers!)


On the other hand, you get some artists who stand up from the crowd and stay throughout the years.

For those who don’t know it yet (like me before reviewing this amazing band!), YPPAH is an electronic/rock band currently signed to Ninja Tunes records. And they are finally back with a new album and Oh my! The new single Film Burn is very promising. This great collaboration with Anomie Belle sways us nicely towards the Spring. Yppah is ‘Happy’ reversed (for those who hadn’t noticed, like me before reading an article about them!) and the truth is that there is not much to say apart from the fact that I love this song, it’s definitely in my Top 10 singles for 2012. To listen to again and again… (and again!)


YouTube Preview Image

When to listen: When you are happy, sad, loved, unloved, on the run, still, melancholic, hopeful… Do you really need me to carry on?


When to avoid: Never, it will always put you in a peaceful (or sexy) mood…


If you wish to know a little bit more about Anomie Belle, here’s her website.

And you MUST listen to this:


YouTube Preview Image


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