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Review: M O N E Y : Live Review

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Our city has, of late, been saturated by Manchester International Festival. For those skeptical of multi-sensory art installations and other alien cultural terrors, there was MONEY. They’re not international, not at all, but somehow they got away with it.

It’s nice to cling on to some vague geographical familiarity, … Read on

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Gig: Bernard+Edith + Die Hexen & Velodrome



Together with their friends Die Hexen and Veladrome Manchester based inseparable duett Bernard+Edith will create a auditive experience of honesty, the dark side and disconnection for you.



All three bands of musicians are playing with the uncanny, repulsive and unsettling attraction of our daily struggles. Prepare for … Read on


Review: G R E A T W A V E S with Bernard + Edith & Regal Safari: Live Review


There’s a huge black and white face blu tacked to the wall in Strangeways Studios Unit 3. Ernest Hemmingway, I’m reliably informed. You could draw tenuous symbolic links between its vaguely Orwellian presence, the proximity of Her Majesty’s Prison Manchester and ‘The Current State Of The Music Industry’, if … Read on

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