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Gig: Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead is a five piece indie pop band from Nottingham, England. Three members of the band (frontman Rob Milton, Joss Harrison-Willder and Lawrence Cole) met at West Bridgford School. After picking up drummer Lawrence Libor at a party and Rob White at a rehearsal for The ... Read on


Video: Veronica Falls

Sexy Kids bandmates Roxanne Clifford and Patrick Doyle teamed up with James Hoare of Your Twenties (whom they met, in true indie pop fashion, at a Comet Gain show) and their friend Marion Herbain to form Veronica Falls in 2009. Similar to Sexy Kids, Veronica Falls‘ pop-oriented, reverb-kissed ... Read on

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Video: I’m From Barcelona

With their optimistic sing along anthems and their massive line up, I’m from Barcelona has proved that, sometimes, less is not more.

The story begins in the summer of 2005 when Emanuel Lundgren decided to record some newly written pop songs on his vacation. He gathered all his friends in ... Read on

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Gig: Boomin

Boomin are a 3-piece pop/rock band from Wigan, UK.
Since forming in 2006. Adam, Edd and Rory have become a local household name, Taking songs out of the ordinary and putting original spins on them. and having won band competitions throughout the Northwest with their original music, that has ... Read on


Review: Real Estate

Budweiser Sprite do you feel alright?…yes sir!

Arriving 45 minutes early to a gig is never a good idea, especially not when it’s the windiest mother of a night in Salford. Throwing caution to the wind, me and Ben (previously ‘+1 Ben’, but tonight he’s ‘Pay Full Price Ben’) ... Read on

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Gig: Josiah Wolf

Josiah Wolf, known as essential WHY? member and multiinstrumentalist unparalleled, has released his solo-debut “Jet Lag” in 2010, proving that warm folk melodies and easy psychedelia can still excite. Starting to learn the drums at the age of nine, Josiah constantly developed his musical skills and excelled at merging marimba, ... Read on


Gig: Siskiyou

SISKIYOU is Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen. Until recently, Colin Huebert was a member of Great Lake Swimmers. Erik Arnesen continues to play banjo and guitar for Great Lake Swimmers. Their self-titled album was recorded by Huebert inside stairwells, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and on beaches and rooftops in the greater ... Read on


Gig: My Tiger My Timing

My Tiger My Timing are a five-piece Indie Rock band from New Cross in south-east London formed in 2008.The band are brother and sister Anna Vincent and James Vincent, Jamie Harrison, Gary Drain and Sebastian Underhill. Their music was described by as “tribal electro like a south London Gang ... Read on