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Top 5 Healthiest School Lunch Ideas For Your Kids

Top 5 Healthiest School Lunch Ideas For Your Kids

When it comes to school lunches, your children might not eat what is served in the cafeteria. This situation can be remedied by packing a lunch that is healthy and full of options. Packing a lunch means that you can decide what your children eat while giving them a little freedom in choosing a drink or snack.


This is perhaps the most popular thing to pack for a school lunch. The best thing is that you can make it in a variety of ways. Tuna or chicken salad are good options if you want something with a lot of protein. You can also stick with the traditional peanut butter and jelly or a ham and cheese.


If you have leftovers from the evening meal, then use them for lunch. Make sure the item is still good in that it has not been sitting out on the counter or has mayonnaise that could go bad during the school day. A fun idea is to make a wrap of the items from leftovers. A meatloaf wrap with a little ketchup is an option, or you can do a chicken wrap with honey mustard.


Soup is a good comfort food that is also healthy. You will need a thermos or container that will keep the soup warm because most schools won’t let students warm up food in the microwave. Try to stick with something your children enjoy like chicken noodle or tomato. Vegetable soup is an easy way to get vegetables in your children that they might not eat separately on a plate. Change the recipe to include a few different vegetables each time you make the soup. Be sure to pack some crackers and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.

Chips and Dip

Although the name suggests something that is in the junk food category, you can get other kinds of chips that are just as tasty. Pita chips are a popular item that can be paired with a variety of dips including salsa or a cheese sauce. Hummus can also be used as a dip. If you want to get really healthy, then make chips from vegetables and fruits like carrots or apples.


Who does not like dessert, especially after a long morning of school work? Pudding cups or fruit are good ideas if you want to do something plain. Muffin bites or fig newton bars are also choices that have a better flavor and look more like a dessert. You can try a meal replacement shake in your diet so that children have something different while getting something sweet at the same time. Whatever you decide to pack your children for lunch, try to offer options. Don’t pack the same thing every day, or your children might bring it back home. Store food in containers to keep the lunchbox clean and to encourage your children to be more independent by opening lids. Include a healthy drink like water or juice, and your children will have a healthy school year.