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Gig: Dayse & Aver (special full live band show) + Mothership + Connection Krankit

Now Then Manchester is excited to announce the debut live performance of hip hop duo Dayse & Aver’s new full live band show. The collaboration melds the musical talents of the lyricists from Manchester hip hop collective The Natural Curriculum with former members of The Mind On Fire Band. ... Read on


Gig: Now Then Manchester presents: Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band, Aidan Smith, James Munro & Shen

Now Then Manchester Sunday Soirée returns with the first of 2012 taking place on 29th January at Dulcimer in Chorlton. The acoustic early evening line-up will be headlined by the upbeat, feel-good trio Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band, who will perform their first show at the venue, and they’ll ... Read on