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Bombay Bicycle Club

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Bombay Bicycle Club are a 4 piece British indie band formed in 2006 who hail from North London, England. They took their name from a chain of curry houses found all over London, but recently admitted that they dislike the moniker and feel unfortunate to be stuck with it.

Consisting of Jack Steadman (vocals, guitar, bass), Jamie MacColl (bass, guitar, vocals), Suren De Saram (drums) and Ed Nash (bass and keyboard) and otherwise known as the BBC, the band opened V Festival 2006 after winning the annual ‘Road to V’ competition and have also played Reading/Leeds Festival for the past 3 years running.

In Summer 2010 they released their new album, Flaws. A UK tour co-incided with the release of the album which – surprisingly – is an acoustic recording. Venues on the tour reflected this new acoustic orientation including Salford’s St Philips Church.

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