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Fantasy Rainbow:: O’ Weirdo

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We met up with Oliver and Sam from the awesome Fantasy Rainbow at Fred Aldous art shop in Manchester to film this stripped back version of their single, O’ Weirdo.

Initially conceived as a bedroom recording outfit, Fantasy Rainbow’s departure from obscurity has been rapid. In May of 2011, a newly eighteen year old Oliver Catt recorded four songs with the help of friend Jonathan Coddington, a collaboration which led to a demo which would generate a large amount of buzz in the north east music scene.

Immediately after the release of this demo Fantasy Rainbow was picked up by Gateshead based D.I.Y label Tiny Lights Recordings and over the next nine months would go on to release three full length releases in the shape of the ‘Teens’ EP, the ‘Healthy Lung, Dirty Lung’ cassette and the ‘No Hope. Not Ever’ EP. Soon; all three releases were receiving regular national airplay from the likes of XFM, BBC 6 Music & Amazing Radio, whilst Oliver and Paul (Tiny Lights Chief) continued hand packing and posting out EP’s which resulted in both of the first two releases selling out.

Now nineteen years old, Oliver has recently recorded his debut album at Jack White’s producer’s studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Sputnik Sound with Ed Spear producing.


Fantasy Rainbow Website


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