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Ghosting Season

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We are Ghosting Season, the very last of the saints.
We are the far end of the graveyard.
We are ghosts, drifting past you.
We are a muffled sound of voices.
We are lost at sea, and we are washed ashore…

Ghosting Season is Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale.

It was born in 2011 out of the foundations of worriedaboutsatan, the band we have toured and recorded as for over half a decade.

Our work was still a network of dark, brooding – yet euphoric – electronica, but there began to appear towering, vibrant, and inescapable moments of dance music. The sound was expanding beyond the identity of worriedaboutsatan.

The organic elements of the new project – guitars, voice, and found sound – highlighted the natural growth of the music, and we realised we could no longer contain it under the name, worriedaboutsatan. As its new form became more distinct, we called it Ghosting Season.

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2 Responses to Ghosting Season

  1. AnonyManc

    Hahaha. Playing a guitar with a violin bow! Quite possibly the most pretentious load of rubbish I’ve seen all year.

  2. TheLetItSound

    Well, I think they create a nice effect playing the guitar that way. Luvin the candles!

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