08/04/2010 • 3 Comments

Honey Feet

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A rotating batch of loosely affiliated scruffbags, including but not limited to…Rioghnach Connolly, Ellis Davies, Sam Buckley, Gus Fairbairn, Rik Warren, Kip Colonel, David Schlechtriemen, Biff Roxby and Fran Lydiatt. Honey Feet are Signed to Manchester’s Debt Records Label.

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3 Responses to Honey Feet

  1. Tony (Aboganzar) Hopkins

    This is agreat performance in a fantatically well chosen setting. It put a smile where there wasn’t one before on a Sunday morning.

  2. Anthony Gregory

    Make me feel young again so they have got to be good. Gregory.

  3. john murphy

    Saw them at matt and phreds last night Friday 10 Feb, thought they were brilliant, Fab musicians, amazing vocals.

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