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In Session: Bear In Heaven

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After the release of their second album, 2010’s Beast Rest Forth Mouth, big things began to happen for the Brooklyn trio of Jon Philpot, Joe Stickney and Adam Wills.

As if in a transatlantic dream, they even split a single with Norway’s Lindstrøm and Christabelle, who covered their calling card, “Lovesick Teenagers.” But Bear in Heaven didn’t settle for the new well of notoriety they’d opened. Rather, they played some 200 shows in support of Beast Rest Forth Mouth—touring the world, playing progressively bigger rooms, building an intricate stage show that turned an album of songs into a synesthetic experience. When it was over, they retrenched in Brooklyn and, during the dead of summer, retreated to a chilly practice space to work harder than they’d ever worked on any other project. They wrote, re-wrote, arranged, re-arranged, spending days or weeks building one song at a time. After months of testing their limits and trusting their instincts, Bear in Heaven emerged with I Love You, It’s Cool, an album so vivid and visionary that it meets and even exceeds the confidence and calm its title suggests.

- Grayson Currin


We invited the incredible Bear In Heaven down to Antwerp Mansion during their stop off in Manchester. We set up in the awesome mansion ballroom to film this session.


[More from the session]




Prod/Dir/Ed: Sam Alder
Cameras: Rosanna Freedman, Paul Maloney, Luke Bather, Sam Alder
Audio: WR Audio


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