We met up with the extraordinary Joe Banfi ahead of his show at The Castle Hotel in Manchester to film this beautiful rendition of ‘Nomads’.

Already championed at XFM and 6Music with thanks to a solitary track, ‘Olive Green’, on Communion’s recent New Faces compilation, Northwich’s Joe Banfi has that stark individualism that Communion discovered with the debut releases by both Michael Kiwanuka and Ben Howard too.
And what immediately proved so distinctive for Kevin Jones and Ben Lovett of Communion after receiving an unsolicited email from Joe linking them to his demos, is what also makes this debut Iron EP such a compelling listen. Where Banfi typically shares an affinity with a number of timeless solo artists of old, it’s his unlikely rock, grunge, and metal influences that provide the unsettling aura of the record.
The Iron EP, produced and nurtured by Communion’s Ian Grimble, is an emotional, satisfying first listen to this young Northern voice. Fronted by Gut & Bones, a song of great atmosphere and carefully plucked resonance, Joe’s voice provides the telling instrument, as it does on all 4 songs showcased on this debut.
Joe Banfi is another fine example of Communion’s collective ear for unearthing unquestionably brilliant young artists, but he is also a very fine example of a delicate young British voice with an enviable future.

-Amazing Tunes