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Jonnie Common

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Earlier this year, Jonnie released a compilation (‘DESKJOB’) featuring his extensive productions of no less than 10 much lauded emerging Scottish acts (including: Meursault, Panda Su, Conquering Animal Sound & eagleowl), the respect and trust of whom he’s managed to earn over the past couple of years since dissolving his former identity as Down the Tiny Steps.

Pre-2009, Down the Tiny Steps were a staple on the Glasgow live scene and, having released with Fence Records, had a reputation for vibrant accessible eccentricity. In 2009, after yet another difficult line-up change, Jonnie decided the purest course would be to strip his output of any illusions and house his creative pursuits under the honest label of his own name.
Yes, it is his real name.

With an illustrious musical past, Jonnie Common is ready to release his debut album into the world. A homespun affair that encapsulates the artist’s finest pop moments. A record that has been made for summer. Warm yourself.

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